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10 Things I don't understand

All over the place.

    1. Soccer

    It's so popular around the world. I don't understand why a game where you can't use your hands is so popular? It doesn't excite my small American brain, because they don't score enough. And you can tie? But, when they do score, they really do a great job of celebrating.

    2. Why people pay so much money to athletes

    Some of these folks are making 100m a year. It's insanity. Some are questionable people, at best, and the teams don't care.

    3. Why haven't the politicians been fired who didn't follow their own rules?

    Gaving Newsome. Boris Johnson. Gotta be missing others. You locked everyone else down and then you did whatever you wanted? Politicians should be held to a higher standard.

    4. Inflation

    Who thought inflating the money supply was a good thing? Everything will cost more in the future. And because businesses are all trying to be more efficitent, they haven't paid people more. Living in the US, we seem to be luckier than other places. How can people live in Argentina? Know this is a simplistic view.

    5. Crypto

    It's obviously worth nothing. But, because of #4, it probably is worth something. At least Bitcoin.

    6. Being a drug addict is "empowering?"


    7. Tent Cities in America

    If you aren't from America, or haven't been to a large city lately, we've got a serious homeless problem. And they are now figuring out that almost everyone there is addicted to drugs and it is really dangerous. Just saw an estimate saying we have almost 1m homeless in America. We need to truly help these people. It's good for them and for the communities.

    8. Reality Television

    Don't understand the appeal. Maybe if the person is accomplished in some way. But, random people? Do others just like watching train wrecks that aren't their own?

    9. Taxes

    Actually would love to pay more in taxes, if they were spent wisely, and carefully, by our goverment officials.

    10. Starbucks

    Have you compared their regular coffee to other places? It tastes like burnt oil. I do like the ambiance. Prefer almost any other coffee to starbucks.

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