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10 things I feel neutral about

Thanks to @lovingkindnesscom for the idea... and once again, absolutely no clue on what basis the AI is giving me pretty women for images on this. Certainly don't feel neutral about pretty women. Unless its giving me 10s???

10 things I feel neutral about

    1. Almost all non-sport television shows

    Sorry, but I don't binge watch. And don't care about any of the popular shows. Except the Star Trek remakes - they're cool, but that's because they're the only ones that actually show some respect to the previous series.

    2. Restaurants

    Nice to not have to cook or clean up, but between the cost, the drive, and the waiting, I'd rather have a tuna fish salad sandwich at home. Yes, gourmet cooking is lost on me...

    3. Cars

    Other than my old VW Bug, or getting a Thing or Microbus, cars are a tool for transport. And listening to loud rock music with the windows down.

    4. Baseball

    Was the center of my life as a kid (in season). Love the game itself. But too many strikes, too many changes to the game (I hated the designated hitter change back in the day. And pitch clock? WTF), and my personal objections to games not being available on over the air channels at times when kids who don't have cable can watch them, has soured me to the pro game. Do go watch some high school ball when a know a friend is umpiring.

    5. Fashion

    In clothing, hair styles, and whatever. People will do what they do. Doesn't affect my opinion one way or the other about them. As long as they exhibit respect for others that they sometimes demand for themselves, all's good.

    6. Celebrities

    Worshiping people who can perform, whether music or stage or whatever, doesn't make sense. Moves into the dislike column when they think their ability translates into being some sort of expert on the rest of the human condition ticks me off.

    7. Soccer / Football

    Yeah, the players are great athletes, and I know the majority of the world sees it as the best sport. Just has never done it for me.

    8. Camping

    Did some with the wife and friends before our son was born. And some when he was a Cub Scout. Too much cost / prep / set up & breakdown for what were short weekend trips. Don't dislike it, but the unpleasant parts exceeded the good parts. And the wife won't do a cabin...

    9. Running

    Lots of people swear by it and its positive effects. Never got that rush people talk about. And, my body type didn't lend itself well to the endeavor. Running while playing sports - yes. Running for fun - pass.

    10. Jewelry

    Wear my wedding ring, but never felt the need for chains, other rings, etc. Just another thing to have to take care of and possibly lose.

    11. Tattoos

    Maybe its my personal desire to not stand out, but I don't have any tattoos. Don't have any issues with the folks who have / love them - more power to them. I can appreciate the artistry of the tattoo artist, and the dedication of folks who use them to express themselves. But, they just don't do it for me.

    12. TikTok & Other Challenges (for good causes)

    Another "you do your thing, I'll do mine" - if I want to support a cause, I'll send money or spend time helping. But the challenges don't spark me at all.

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