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10 Things I Have learned following James Altucher for the past 10-15 years

I don't know what podcast it was but someone had told James you don't even know how many people whose lives you've changed. I thought about how he changed mine.

    1. I became a teacher.

    He said do what you love. I loved being around little kids. I am now reassessing this but at one point it was being around children.

    2. Write

    I have written like maybe 10 1/2 books. I have all of these ideas and I start writing and then I do something else.

    3. Read More.

    Prior to listening to James I read maybe 5 books my entire life. The add was strong with this one. After I read somewhere between 50-100.

    4. I am not a hoarder

    When James was shedding things. I realized hey.. maybe I should get rid of some things too. I LOVED saving old magazines to cut things out of. I tossed almost all of them. I have moved a few times in the past few years and each time I am usually listening to the podcast and I am tossing stuff.

    5. Got off Anti Depressants and Adderall

    I was on Adderall for 20 years! It was bonkers. I was on Anti Depressants for 10. I managed to see the right doctors and not become dependent on them.

    6. I went on anti anxiety meds

    Now this I can't attribute fully to James. This is a teacher thing. I would say most if not all teachers are on anti anxiety meds. The teachers that aren't are having panic attacks. When I tell you that it saved me this past year. I mean it SAVED ME. I would not be able to function in my job or have any sort of social life. My goal is to come off of them this summer but It saved me.

    7. Eat Better

    I eat better because I listened to the people on his podcast. Once I went off of Adderall I gained 75 lbs. I spent a summer going on walks and just listening to the podcasts. I lost 50 of those 75 lbs It was the people that came on the podcast that talked about mood and food and I just started eating healthier. I did the Keto Code Diet. I am eating/drinking about 120g of protein a day because of Dave Asprey.

    8. I make lists now.

    I am an IDEA MACHINE. It's like my life long obsession now. I love coming up with ideas and seeing where they go. Some don't go as far as my notes section on my android and some I share with everyone.

    9. Better at Problem Solving.

    I have become a great problem solver because of all of my lists.

    10. Just a better human being.

    I honestly think I am slightly braver and a tad more logical because I have James in my head throughout the week. I am definitely more fun to be around because I have some of the strangest fun facts to share with people. I am quite a bit more nerdy and I accept the nerdy people I meet in life a bit more. I care less about what people think of me and I just try my best every day to be 100% myself. I went from wearing the clothes my parents bought for me because I had to "fit in" to being a graphic tees and leggings girl because its more comfy and its my way to express myself.

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