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10 Things I learned from Chip and Joannah Gaines

I listened to 3 of their audiobooks this week. One by each of them and one that they wrote together. They also read them in a studio in their town: Waco Texas.

    1. Make short audio books

    Each book clocked in at around 5 hours

    2. You don’t become who you are because you achieve your dream. It is because of what you did to achieve the dream

    3. embrace the fear and the freefall

    Vulnerability and fear mean you are making progress.

    4. They share a deep belief in God, and it drives their decision making

    5. Because of their belief in God, they strongly believe that everything will work out. So far, for them and for the world in general, this is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    6. Even when Joannah had multiple successful shows on television she felt felt imposter syndrome when she would get in front of the camera.

    7. They did not have a tv set in their house when they had the show on HGTV and they rarely watched it.

    8. They are living the "acres of diamonds"

    They have essentially single-handedly revitalized Waco, Texas. They started with very little, and hustled.

    9. They seem to be exactly who they are on TV. Their shows basically follow them doing what they were doing before the camera crew showed up.

    10. By writing your own story periodically, you will learn a lot about yourself. When Joanna Gaines did it, she was not initially intending to publish it.

    11. Chip has an inexhaustible resource of kindness and friendliness. He lives his whole life in fourth gear.

    He is on a first name basis with the bankers and the homeless people in Waco, Texas.

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