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10 things I learned from "Impromptu: Amplifying Our Humanity Through AI" by Reid Hoffman with GPT-4

Reid was an early investor in Chat GPT and is a big believer in AI. Large parts of this book were prompts and responses from a (then) pre-release GPT 4. This book is a master class of how to get results out of chat gpt.


    1. Reid Hoffman is one of the PayPal mafia and a MAJOR player in Silicon Valley

    2. " as today’s imperfect LLMs improve, requiring less and less from us, we will need to demand more from ourselves"

    3. AI as a teacher's assistant can give immediate feedback on student writing

    4. There is a dystopian possibility raised of fake news at scale: we might be here already.

    5. AI can summarize a meeting, make takeaways and assign tasks to the people in the meeting.

    6. Part of the book is imaginary conversations between celebrities or other famous people

    This is something interesting! AI Socrates talking with AI Flavor Flav?

    7. GPT-4 provides a powerful new tool for generating new kinds of inputs to thoughts...

    "GPT-4 provides a powerful new tool for generating new kinds of inputs to our own thinking. It gives us a rich new learning loop before we author our own contributions, where our prompts to GPT-4 generate outputs that themselves become new inputs—to additional GPT-4 prompts, to our own research, to our own thinking and writing"

    I have found this to be very true. I am working on my idea muscle here at NotePD, but ChatGPT has an unlimited Idea Muscle that never gets tired!

    8. With humans, AI will be able to build physical things. Soon enough, humans won't be necessary.

    "Adept uses AI to provide a more intuitive and accessible interface for CAD/CAM (computer-aided design and manufacturing). Even non-engineers will be able to create drawings and turn them into physical objects using mills, lathes, cutting devices, and 3D printers." I guess the humans will have to bring the materials to the machine for the time being.

    9. AI Copilots will be indispensable for many jobs in the very near future.

    AI can amplify many human endeavors, especially "knowledge work." I would not want to go back to work without it.

    10. Reid frequently gave prompts to ChatGPT as if he was having an ongoing conversation with a person and it really worked.

    That is part of the design idea, that it would be conversational.

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