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10 things I learned from Inventor of the Future the Biography of Buckminster Fuller by Alec Nevala-Lee


    1. Fuller was a visionary but when given a tour of Apple Computer before they went public he initially did not see much opportunity in the personal computer

    He later got on board.

    2. Fuller lived in California in the 70s and had a huge influence on the people in Silicon Valley

    Steve Wozniak called him the 20th century Leonardo DaVinci

    3. He started inventing things in the 1920s and invented the geodesic dome in the 1940s.

    4. One of his lasting concepts was “ephemeralization” where more things will no longer physical but an electromagnetic field: basically what the internet is today.

    5. He was a teacher/professor but consciously developed his own mythology

    Credited with being able to have a "reality distortion field "

    6. He was born nearly blind in 1985 and was farsighted so most of what he experienced was very blurry: he got glasses when he was 4.

    7. He grew up in a wealthy family in the Boston suburbs and attended Harvard

    He was actually kicked out because he spent too much time and money partying and skipped his exams. He was re-accepted but didn't do well and was asked to withdraw again.

    he did not complete any classes in his first or second try.

    8. He nearly failed out of high school but still went to Harvard because his family had gone for generations

    9. His Great Aunt was Margret Fuller who was a famous author and literary force in the 1830s

    10. According to the author Fuller had a history of exaggerating and inventing achievements and repeating them in lectures until they became “true”

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