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10 things I learned from Sell Different by Lee Salz

I met Lee: our sons are on the same baseball team. I try to read books written by people that I know. I am not in sales (directly) but I can apply many of these ideas to selling ideas.

10 things I learned from Sell Different by Lee Salz

    1. Price is not the deciding factor: value is

    2. Become passionate about your differentiators

    Focus on what makes you different: that is your unique value.

    3. Ask “If You Were Me” questions and really listen to the response

    4. When you are meeting with someone to present a product or idea, how do you want them to feel afterwards?

    Without considering this you do not have a goal for your interactions.

    5. Horizontal questions uncover the "what"

    Determine what the problem or pain point is

    6. Vertical questions uncover the "why"

    Determine why this pain point exists

    7. "Productize your client onboarding process"

    This is an interesting concept. If you make this a product you will potentially treat it well. This can be for a new employee onboarding, etc. This causes you to consider the introduction to the product/team from the consumers eyes. It also means you will standardize your onboarding. Your onboarding and training can become another profit center as well!

    8. After you have a meeting, send a recap email to follow up.

    Emails are easily shared.

    9. Cross sell your existing customers, also simply ask them what else they need on a regular basis.

    10. Account management is proactive and can create revenue.

    "Account Management is the converse of customer service. Whereas customer service is considered to be a responsive function, account management is proactive. Account Management Sell Different! strategy is the prescriptive value you deliver to your clients above and beyond the benefit your products or services provide. Notice the use of the word “prescriptive.” The perception of meaningful value does not happen accidentally"

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