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10 things I learned from "The Inevitable" by Kevin Kelly

This book was written in 2016. So it is interesting to see how much of what he is talking about has already come true.

Kevin Kelly was one of the fathers of the Internet as it is today. He founded Wired magazine and was active on the well and other early Internet activity.

10 things I learned from "The Inevitable" by Kevin Kelly

    1. Kelly foresees a shift where physical objects (like cars and shoes) transform into services, emphasizing the move towards a service-oriented economy.

    2. In the digital realm, processes and systems emphasize costless copying and storage, highlighting a fundamental shift from the constraints of the physical world.

    Streaming movies and music instead of CDs and DVDs.

    3. Technology follows certain biases; for instance, the internet's bias is towards widespread data distribution, a shift from the centralized production model of the industrial era.

    Profitable businesses look different.

    4. Similar to physical objects, digital technologies require ongoing maintenance and upgrades, pointing to the continuous nature of technological evolution.

    There has been standardization of data types over the last ten years. But you do always need to maintain your data and roll into the next big thing.

    5. Technological innovation constantly creates new needs and dependencies, as evidenced by the now-ubiquitous presence of smartphones and the expectation of constant connectivity.

    6. Greed as a Cure for Anarchy

    Kelly suggests that in dystopian societies, the establishment of government or order often stems from the greediest individuals, providing a unique perspective on societal evolution.

    7. Unmasking the 'Dark Matter' of the Internet: AI's ability to analyze and hyperlink images and video content will illuminate vast amounts of previously 'dark' data on the internet.

    Now, artificial intelligence can decode images and video into data, and more of it can be linked together. You can now search images for similar images and particular scenes/content across millions of videos.

    8. Artificial Intelligence: AI's potential lies not just in mimicking human intelligence but in surpassing it in specific ways, such as memory, calculation speed, and recognition.

    When you combine a human with a superhuman intelligence, that is specific you get super abilities.

    9. Redefining Humanity with AI: The advancement of AI challenges us to redefine what it means to be human, as AI begins to accomplish tasks beyond human capability.

    10. Job Transformation: Just like the industrial revolution, AI and automation are poised to replace a significant portion of current jobs while creating new, previously unimaginable roles.

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