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10 things I learned from “The Last Diet” by Shahroo Izadi

10 things I learned from “The Last Diet” by Shahroo Izadi

    1. Start by being kind to yourself right now

    Don't wait until you hit a goal.

    2. Weight loss is about fixing your inner relationship with yourself and with food

    There is no magic food to eat or not eat: diet information is available everywhere but we don't use it until we deal with our addictions

    3. You are always on a diet of some kind because you have to eat. You should design your own diet: create a normal way for you to eat.

    Make your own choices for your body and mind

    4. For any goal you can monitor whether you are on track, in a lapse or a relapse to old behaviors

    5. Expect challenges

    This works with any thing that you were trying to do. The author gives an example where if you think you'll be challenged for 20 out of every 60 days, then when a challenge comes up, you are somewhat prepared for it because you can say "oh, this must be one of the 20 days where I will get a challenge. "

    6. Make 5 minutes of journaling in the morning a habit

    Set out your pen and journal in a place where you will see it every day. This could be near the coffee maker or wherever else you normally go. Shahroo recommends spending just five minutes a day laying out your plan for the day and thinking of yourself. This is a way of self-care. five minutes is very doable and it's really not that much time to commit. If food is an issue for you, identify a "food trigger" that you will experience during the day so that you can plan for it.

    7. Be OK with the process, lapses are normal

    The key is to acknowledge the lapse and not let it turn into a relapse: Just because you ate a pint of ice cream does not mean you have to follow it off a cliff: just get back on the wagon

    8. Mindfulness about food

    Mindfulness seems to be a theme about everything these days and for good reason. Acknowedge any cravings and be confident that they will pass

    9. this is about developing a mindful eating pattern that can last forever without going on another restrictive diet

    I have found this to be pretty slow going personally but it is better than going on one white knuckle diet after another.

    10. The shame in slipping from a diet frequently causes binges: if there is no "diet" there is no slipping!

    Just like "if there is no code, here are no bugs!"

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