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10 Things I Learned Today (Tuesday, 13th September, 2022)

    1. Thirst is different from Dehydration. Thirst happens when you lack essential minerals. Or your body's minerals are out of balance (e.g. too much sodium). Dehydration happens when you lack water.

    You can be thirsty, yet not dehydrated. You can be dehydrated, yet not thirsty.

    2. One of the fastest and easiest ways to improve the performance of your team: give everyone better tools. Or find simple ways to improve the tools they're already using.

    3. The world runs on envy. Not on greed. The more advanced society becomes, the more there is to envy. And the unhappier people become. People now are a lot unhappier than they were 100 years ago when they had less.

    4. Decide on the lifestyle you want, then decide on the best track to get you there. Choosing your track first, then hoping it'll lead to the lifestyle you want almost never works.

    5. Ip Man stopped teaching Bruce Lee because his students strongly hated the fact that Bruce had mixed blood.

    6. Mainstream communication techniques like "active listening" work for hostage negotiation. And for other short-term stuff. But they don't work in the long-term for relationships with people who are close with you.

    7. Milk thistle seed oil can be more effective than milk thistle seed powder for protecting and detoxifying the liver. It can boost your energy dramatically. And is also very healing for the skin and hair.

    8. First promote your product or service at full price. Then later, offer a payment plan for those who didn't buy as a special promotional offer. You'll boost your intake rate dramatically.

    9. There's a service called Video Husky where you can outsource your video editing. It's used by popular channels like Fung Brothers and Mixergy. And it saves you from having to find and hire an editor on your own.

    10. If you want other people to crave what you're eating, make sure you put on a delightful face while you're eating it. People are automatically drawn to highly visual beneficial outcomes.

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