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10 Things I Like About Japan

    1. Lost are Almost Always Found

    I dropped my passport and wallet many times. I left my backpack, golf bag, etc. And I always get them back.

    2. Everything is on Time

    Japan has one of the world's most complicated trains and subway networks, but they are always on time. By the minute.

    People, meetings, and stores are on time, always.

    3. Human Queues

    People naturally make queues even if there is no sign. No stress, no drama, no cut in line.

    4. Clear Switch of The 4 Seasons

    You only need to go to Starbucks, and you will know what the season is.

    New seasons bring new sweets, fruits, fashions, and trends.

    Of course, Sakura in spring, Koyo in Autumn, and everyone carrying Kakigori in summer.

    5. Cleanness Is Off the Chart

    Across the archipelago, streets, trains, subways, restaurants, and mountains are clean.

    6. Taxi doors Open Automatically

    It comes in handy when you have many carry-ons.

    7. No Tipping

    One thing I struggle with when I travel to some places is tipping.

    8. Omotenashi

    Great service everywhere.

    9. Small Food Portions

    For some, this may not be a good thing. But I could not finish my Big Mac when I was in London.

    10. Water at The Table

    Free water in every restaurant.

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