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10 things I like about Judaism


    1. No hell

    Apparently, this depends on who you ask, as with a lot of things in Judaism.

    2. No proselytism

    3. Questioning

    It seems they encourage asking questions and reinterpreting things.

    4. Belief in God can mean many things

    My understanding is that there's no set belief of what "God" means, and you don't necessarily have to believe in the omniscient and omnipotent god that's often pictured.

    5. Apparently, some rabbis don't even believe in God

    6. You can still be a good person (and go to heaven assuming there is one) if you're not a Jew

    7. Shabbat

    I've been curious about trying this for a while now. Sounds like a healthier way to live: strictly no work for 24 hours. Additionally, it might push me to complete my tasks before Friday night. Not sure about the "no electricity" part (for those very serious about it!) but it might be interesting. I also find it fun that they find loopholes around it, like elevators pre-programmed to stop on every floor so that nobody has to press anything.

    8. Walking to synagogue every morning when mourning

    I learned about this in Why Faith Matters by David Wolpe. Apparently, when a Jewish person is mourning the death of a parent, they're supposed to walk to synagogue every morning.

    9. All equal under God

    Perhaps we don't give Judaism enough credit for starting this idea.

    10. The complexity

    What is Judaism? What is a Jew? While the difficulty in answering those questions can be seen as a flaw, I think it makes it more interesting.

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