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10 things I like about singing

    1. To sing correctly is very challenging

    Body posture, proper breathing, lowering the larynx, keeping it in the barrel as my teacher says, tongue forward. The many things to rememberd and retrain the body for classical singing. Gives me an appreciation for those who are working professionals and the training they had to go through to get to where they are.

    2. I love taking voice lessons,

    Being a musician all my life and singing pretty much all my life, taking voice lessons has completely opened up a new world. Having the privilege of working with a teacher who's been on stage with Domingo and Pavoratti and training with some of the best teachers in the world is an added bonus.

    3. My teacher gives me something new to work on each time we have a lesson

    There are so many things that I need to stay aware of while singing. And it seems each lesson he gives me another little nuance to add to the training. And he says that the body will eventually just give up and stop resisting and everything will fall into place.

    4. I finally feel like I've found my real voice after all these years

    After studying with my teacher Rob after several weeks, or maybe it was months, there was one day where my real voice came through, it was strong and powerful and did not sound like the voice I was used to, which was basically centered in the mouth and head. And it was strange to hear that sound come out. He smiled and said that is your real voice. And it was kinda scary. Because I had never heard that voice before. And now I am used to it. I had thought I was a tenor but he said no you are a baritone. Initially when I would listen to the recordings my old voice sounded juvenile and my new voice was really powerful. Now I am used to that new voice. And I am amazed. Wish I had discovered this years ago.

    5. Learning about and Engaging in acoustic singing is a high art

    I now have all this new music, well new to me, that I can work with. Written by the best composers. It is great to be in this new world.

    6. I believe it will open up opportunities for me to perform

    After several months my teacher said, ok you are at a point now where you can start singing this new way in public. So he suggested I join the New Orleans symphony chorus. I did and we have my first concert in June.

    7. Now a member of the symphony chorus, which I never envisioned a year ago

    It's amazing when I think about where I was a year ago, in the process of selling out family home and downsizing to an apartment, performing in this classical style of singing just was not anywhere on my radar. Now I am in a group of people who love singing this type of music. And learning how to sight-sing is another challenge to work on.

    8. It's opened up a new discipline in my life

    Of course, anything that is challenging like this well is good for the mind, body and psyche. Also, opens up opportunities which have yet to be realized.

    9. It's a great way to contribute to others

    Singing and this type of singing these beautiful songs is beneficial to people. Being exposed to beautiful music is healing for the body and soul.

    10. Since learning how to sing properly I can now perform voice and guitar and piano for 90 minutes without straining my voice.

    Before when I would perform I would sometimes find that after the first 3 or 4 songs, I had done something to strain my voice. And the rest of the set (an hour) was a struggle to just keep singing and try to hit all the notes. Now I can sing for 90 mintues straight with no struggle of strain. And I am only just beginning with this process.

    11. To be able to sing properly in the classical style is very exhilarating

    When I am able to sing an entire passage correctly using all that I've learned it is an amazing feeling of accomplishment and it feels good in the body to be able to project these sounds. Makes my teacher smile.

    12. Learning all these classical Italian songs has added tremendously to my life.

    Italian is a beautiful language and these classical Italian songs are just beautiful. And one of the things I try to remember and keep in mind is to surround myself with beauty. And to be able to be a co-creator of that beauty is wonderful and rewarding.

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