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10 Things I Love About Getting Older

    1. Embracing who I am

    I've always been a bit wyrd and unconventional. Especially in the workplace I tried to be normal! Now, I bother a lot less as I'm happy with who I am.

    2. Doing it my way

    I had multiple ear piercings in my mid 50s. I'm growing my very white hair long. ( I stopped colouring my hair at 48). I'm not very 'grown up' and I still like things that might seem silly to others.

    3. Going with the flow

    Experience has taught me that things are never as bad as you think or worry they're going to be. I often look at situations with greater detachment these days than I did when I was younger.

    4. Different things are important

    I wish we knew when we were younger that there's no rush. For some of us life unfolds at a later date and that's fine.

    5. You're always learning

    Life never stops teaching you new stuff.

    6. You can do anything you want at any age

    Age really is just a number.

    7. You know how to handle situations - and people

    You learn to stand up for yourself, what your boundaries and values are, and what you will tolerate.

    8. I know what I'm good at

    I'm much less of a shrinking violet and own my skills and abilities much more.

    9. Wisdom

    I wouldn't say I was a Wise Woman but at this age (58), you do know stuff. I think I'm at the Crone stage.

    10. You plough your own furrow

    You have the con! You're in charge of your life and the direction you want to take.

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