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10 Things I Love About Myself

    1. Adaptability

    I've lived in a few different towns and countries and worked in tiny companies, start-ups and multinational corporations. I do just fine anywhere.

    2. Resilience

    I've been through getting laid off and dumped on the same day, then getting skin cancer within the same month (while the SARS pandemic was tearing through Toronto) all shortly before my 30th birthday.

    3. Tolerance

    I grew up in a pretty diverse neighbourhood, and I think it's made me a better person.

    4. Good Memory

    I don't always retain everything I need to or want to, but there's been plenty of times in my life that people have been impressed by things I've been able to recall.

    5. Imagination

    Let's just say there's a reason I'm enjoying myself here on NotePD.

    6. Being Well-Rounded

    I was a nerdy kid in a family of jocks. I make sport and exercise a part of my lifestyle, even though my intrinsic personality is more inclined to read a book. I've tried to develop an appreciation for various forms of art and culture, even if my understanding of them is shallow at best.

    7. Sense of Humour

    I'm not a comedian, but I like putting smiles on people's faces.

    8. Patience

    I've thought of myself as an impatient person my whole life. When I learned my son had Down Syndrome, I thought it would make me patient. There have been times that seemed untrue, but when I look at the results of what he's shown he can learn and be capable of, I must be doing something right.

    9. Curiosity

    I enjoy learning new facts and ideas.

    10. I'm analytical.

    It's something that's always been said about me and it serves me in my career as an engineer. I used to see it as a criticism, as it was always presented in a way that made me seem colder and less emotional/human than average, but it's ultimately done me a lot of good in being able to understand what is going on in my world.

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