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10 things I might need help with

If you were to ask for help, what would you ask? Whether it's for personal or professional stuff. Maybe the community here can help, or maybe you can get help elsewhere, doesn't matter. No rules :) 

    1. Writing a book

    I've written about 30,000 words so far. But I have no idea how to finish it. I was thinking of writing a sort of "self-help" book but I'm not sure what to say. 

    2. Starting a business

    I've thought about starting some sort of daily deal site for crypto or something like that. Or an AI driven content marketing platform or something like that. I think the community here would be interested in such a thing. 

    3. Finding a job

    I'm going to be looking for work soon and don't know where to start. 

    4. Relationship advice

    I've been married 25 years and have two kids and six grandkids (so far). But I'm not sure what to do when things get rocky with my wife or kids or grandkids. 

    5. Dealing with depression and anxiety stuff

    When I was younger, these issues were very difficult for me. I went through therapy but it didn't really help much (although it did help some). 

    6. How do you make money in crypto? What are some good strategies?

    I know there's more than one answer to this question but let's see what people say! 

    7. What can you tell me about AI? Is it true that AI will take over the world in 2029? When will AI replace doctors? Etc...

    There's so much hype around AI right now and I'd like to learn more about it from the community here! 

    8. What can you tell me about investing/trading stocks? Can you give me some good books on the subject? Etc..

    I used to trade stocks back in 1999-2001 before crypto even existed! But now I feel lost again as to how best to invest/trade stocks. There are many different strategies out there and all sorts of books on the subject but which ones are best? 

    9. How do you build an online community from scratch ? Do you have any examples of communities you've built from scratch that became successful? Can you share your experiences with me so I can apply them elsewhere if needed? Etc..

    This is important because if my podcast becomes popular then perhaps we'll want to turn it into a membership site where people pay $100/year or whatever just to read our newsletter plus other benefits such as discounts on products we create down the road, etc...

    But first, how do we build an audience for such a thing without spending money since we don't have money (yet)? That's why I'd love advice from anyone who has done this before. And also, what are good ways besides podcasting (which is already happening) that we can grow an audience organically without spending too much money (if at all). 

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