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10 Things I Miss About the COVID-19 Lockdowns

Many experiences during the COVID-19 lockdowns were not particularly pleasant, but there are some things I wish we retained.

    1. Fewer cars on the road.

    The great reduction in traffic completely eliminated congestion and thus made driving pleasant and produced far fewer traffic accidents. Additionally, the reduction in smog was unquestionably terrific for the environment (and for our lungs).

    2. Social distancing.

    Now that I know I'm breathing in other people's droplets when I'm within six feet of them, I wish they would stay at least that far away from me now that almost no one wears masks anymore.

    3. More remote work.

    Some companies have retained a partial or even fully-remote workforce. However, most companies, despite protestations from their ranks, forced their employees back to their dreaded cubicles.

    4. Regularly-sanitized grocery carts.

    How often have we visited the grocery store only to find filthy grocery carts that probably haven't been cleaned in months? Not so during COVID, as most stores had someone outside washing down and disinfecting carts after each use.

    5. More people going outside.

    Where I live, there are hundreds of miles of hiking trails, and during COVID we saw an explosion of people visiting them. While I prefer less crowded trails, and we're moving back to that now, it was nice to see people learning about the great natural beauty that exists right in their backyards.

    6. Personal challenges.

    Remember all of those 30-day challenges people attacked while stuck in their homes? 100 push-ups a day! No alcohol! Write a book in 30 days! I don't see much of that anymore.

    7. Reduced crime rates.


    Source: New York Times

    8. Increased focus on personal hygiene.

    People started washing their hands all the time!

    9. Catching up on Netflix.

    Let's be honest, we all got more than our share of our Netflix fixes during COVID!

    10. More time for reflection.

    With less freneticism in life, it created more space to pause and reflect.

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