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10 things I recently consumed because of my reawakened obsession with the Israeli-Arab conflict

10 things I recently consumed because of my reawakened obsession with the Israeli-Arab conflict

    1. Winning a Debate with an Israel-Hater (book by Michael Harris)

    2. A few anti-Israel videos

    3. A lot of short clips of people saying awful things

    4. Interviews

    5. Ben Shapiro videos

    I understand people don't like him. When it comes to Israel, of course he's gonna be biased, but I think he provides a good overall description of the history although I remember noticing him omitting a couple of important things or not being precise enough.

    6. The Human Factor (documentary)

    A documentary about the Oslo Accords and the Camp David Summit. Really interesting to get a glimpse into the negotiations.

    7. Videos from

    Cool guy who presents himself as an "average Israeli" and likes to joke around here and there. There was at least one claim that I had trouble verifying, and I feel like he could do more to delve into the wrongdoings in Israel's history (this is a criticism that could be made about most pro-Israel content creators, but the same could be said about the anti-Israel people).

    8. Documentaries on YouTube

    It's hard to find impartial information about the conflict. I was happy to learn new things in this short documentary (25 minutes), especially uncomfortable truths that are often glossed over.

    9. Posts from pro-Israel Instagram accounts

    10. Posts from anti-Israel Instagram accounts

    Admittedly, these are mostly when they get reposted by people I happen to follow. I sometimes dig into it a little bit to make sure I don't fall too much into a bubble.

    I'm surprised at how much I've been doing this and the above, though. I normally try not to follow the news or get too deep into politics and such. But these recent events reignited my interest. Hopefully I'll start decreasing my social media use soon.

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