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10 things I recently learned about Argentina


    1. They're preparing to start a Digital Nomad Visa

    2. but it's already super easy to stay in the country without that

    Loads of people either exit the country for a day and come back and keep doing this for a while, or overstay their tourist visa (for which the maximum penalty is something like $160 no matter how long you overstay).

    Although maybe the DNV will have tax advantages, and maybe one year with the digital nomad visa counts as one year of residency, which brings us to...

    3. You can apply for citizenship after only two years of residency

    There are conflicting pieces of information on this. Some say that citizenship can be obtained after two years of permanent residency which can only be obtained after two years of temporary residency. But apparently, citizenship and immigration are two different government institutions and it's not necessary to go through the proper immigration/residency route to apply for citizenship. Some say you can even apply for citizenship without being a resident, and you can start the application process as soon as you arrive in the country (but it will still take at least two years, or even 30 months).

    4. Getting residency looks pretty easy

    Even without a digital nomad visa (which doesn't exist yet).

    5. Buenos Aires if often considered the best and most livable city in South America

    6. Buenos Aires has been described as a South American version of London/NYC/Paris but way cheaper

    7. Buenos Aires is safer than Brussels, Belgium

    People associate South America with dangerous crime, but it seems that Buenos Aires is one of the safest cities in South America, and if safer than "Los Angeles, Mexico City, and Brussels". Of course, these three cities aren't super safe, but it gives you perspective.

    8. There used to be a different exchange rate for tourists until recently

    Tourists would get a ton more value for their money by paying cash. Apparently the "tourist exchange rate" is now much more acceptable.

    9. Everything is closed on Sundays JUST LIKE IN EUROPE

    Being from a country where most places are closed on Sundays (Belgium), I always appreciate places where everything is open all the time (especially when it's 24/7). Apparently, Argentina is not like that.

    10. Travel within Argentina and South America is not very easy

    Apparently, cities are quite spread out so you either need to fly or drive/take a bus for a very long time, and while the capital of Uruguay is not very far, the ferry is a bit pricey for the country. The flights are also quite expensive, unlike in Europe.

    11. I learned 8-9-10 from Tales From The Road

    https://www.youtube.com/ @TalesFromTheRoad

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