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Bill Bergeman


10 Things I'm Curious About Right Now

    1. Social Freedom.

    What it is on a societal and individual level. How to incorporate it more in my life.

    2. Living at a gentler pace.

    Something I heard @nicolafisher talk about on a podcast. I'm hardcore Type-A. My feet don't hit the floor in the morning without having every minute of my day planned out. This is effective from a productivity standpoint, but I'm afraid my pursuit of productivity is sapping my ability to be present and embrace opportunities.

    3. How much is enough?

    What do I really need? This question can apply to everything. How much food do I need? How many books do I need to consume? And, of course, how much money is enough?

    4. What my life would look like if I lived full time on the road out of an SUV.

    Last year I sold my house, got rid of half of my belongings, and downsized to a smaller home. It's been a great experience, but I long for having even less. I feel like most of my remaining belongings weigh me down more than energize me. So, I've been down many YouTube and blog rabbit holes learning about RV/Vanlife and trying to understand if this is a lifestyle I want to pursue.

    5. Running a double-crossing of the Grand Canyon (Rim2Rim2Rim).

    I've been planning to do this run for years. Starting at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, take the Kaibab Trail down to the river, to Phantom Ranch, and then to the North Rim. That's about 21-22 miles. Then, turn around and run back. Injuries and timing have prevented me from doing this run, but I think about it all the time, what it will be like, how I will feel, and so on.

    6. When I'm going to die.

    It's so profound. If I'm going to die next month, then what do I do now? If I'm going to die in fifty years, then what do I do now? Is there any difference? Should there be?

    7. What it would be like to compose an opera.

    I'm not a major opera aficionado, but I do greatly enjoy it. When I was in college, I used to go to the library and take out scores of my favorite operas to study them. I enjoy music composition, and I think it would be an enormously challenging and thrilling experience to compose an opera and have it performed.

    8. How to be as energetic as Theodore Roosevelt.

    In opposition to my curiosity about living a gentler life, I would like to know how Teddy was able to read multiple books a day, write hundreds of letters a week, and give thousands of speeches a year. The man was a machine.

    9. Is it possible to switch personality types from introvert to extrovert, and vice versa?

    I am hands-down an introvert, but I can act the extrovert part no problem if I have the energy and incentive. That said, it's never natural. Could there be a way to train oneself to naturally switch sides on the introvert/extrovert scale?

    10. What would the world be like if everyone dropped all interest in trying to control other human beings in any way, shape, and form?

    It's strange to me how much we yearn for freedom, so much so that it must be a natural part of who we are as a species; yet, we also try to control others, sometimes in very small ways, and other times in big ways. Why? What would happen if we just let go and live our lives without a care as to what others do?

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