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10 things I'm going do to keep my New Years resolutions

It's a cliche now, but everyone struggles with these. Here are some ways I'm going to go about it differently this year

    1. Have a short list of resolutions

    I like Warren Buffet's thing of only focusing on five things. Keeps things simple.

    2. Only focus on changing one thing of that list of five at a time

    It's so much easier than trying to change everything at once. One small step makes sense

    3. Forgive yourself when you falter

    I've realized I'm going to slip-up no matter what. Might as well accept it.

    4. Celebrate any small win

    @JamesAltucher mentioned this. It's important to celebrate any small win. To me, it makes it easier to progress.

    5. Do one thing, even if it's a small thing to get to that goal

    Related to the previous thing. If I can take one small step, that's at least moving forward.

    6. Non-negotiable condition

    I read JeVon McCormick's blog and he mentioned in his post working out with David Goggins that instead of being disciplined, he has a something that he just stops doing.

    7. You can always start again

    These resolutions are made every year. You could even begin again next week. Or tomorrow. "Every day is a new year to a wise man".

    8. Set the bar low = momentum

    Here's my thinking: if you get an easy win you build confidence and slowly build your way up to harder things.

    9. No time limit

    Say your resolution is "I want to loss 20 pounds by June 2023" and you don't make it. Your setting yourself up for bad feelings and disappointment. Better to make the resolution and work on it, day by day.

    10. Bird by Bird

    Like Anne Lamott teaches. Take a step at a time.

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