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10 things I'm grateful for as a Canadian

After hearing Yeonmi Park's interviews with Jordan Peterson and Megyn Kelly about escaping North Korea, delving more into life there, and reading some of Barbara Demick's book, Nothing to Envy: I started thinking about all the rights I enjoy living in Canada that don't even exist in other countries.

    1. Freedom

    Political freedom, freedom of movement, freedom of assembly, freedom of expression, a right to a fair trial, democracy, all of it.

    2. That no one starves in North America

    Don't get me wrong, food insecurity is a major issue, but I can at least rest assured that a famine would be incredibly rare. Also, I can experience something as simple as eating a chocolate bar or a burger from McDonalds.

    3. Abundance of nature

    I can walk to a lake, go to the mountains, experience the prairies etc., and all I have to do is have a reliable form of transportation - no passport or permit required.

    4. Social safety net

    Unlike North Korea, the government is there to help me when I need it. It doesn't persecute me or send me to a prison camp.

    5. Modern plumbing

    Do you know most North Koreans have never even seen a toilet?

    6. Electricity

    This satellite photo says it all:


    7. Access to resources

    Universal Healthcare! I have a library to go that has intellectual freedom as one of it's mandates. I can access the internet.

    8. I live in a country nobody hates or has hostility towards

    Most of the world thinks highly of Canada. We might be allied with America and other western powers, but nobody is trying to wipe us off the map. And everyone thinks we're nice, right?

    9. Living among people from all over the world

    Not to sound corny, but this is one of the most peaceful nations and I can befriend people of all types here. America is like that, but there's still strife.

    10. Experiencing all the good things from America, without actually being there.

    I can drink Starbucks and watch Hollywood movies and shows. I can watch all the big sports leagues. I experienced normal childhood things just like an American kid did.

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