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10 things I'm learning as I age

Not necessarily bad. Over 40, so not too old, right?

    1. Gray hairs

    Started about 10 years ago. Creeping up slowly. Now they are taking over. Chest hairs that are gray. Eyebrow. Luckily my significant other prefers my gray.

    2. Don't sleep as well

    Wake up more in the night. Might need less sleep? Maybe bc I'm not as active? Still sleep great, but not like a log.

    3. People call you 'Sir' or 'Ma'am'

    Especially in the Southern part of the United States. Maybe it's the gray. Maybe the wrinkles. It surprises you at first. Now I like it.

    4. You heal slower and injure faster

    As a former athlete, I never really got hurt. Now, a small sprain never seems to go away. If I get sick, it takes a big longer to get over it.

    5. Acid Reflux

    Never even knew what this was. Now I get it after eating or drinking certain things, sometimes. Stress also brings it out.

    6. In tune with your body more

    Bc of a lot of the above, you are more aware of your body. What you need to take care of it. How much you should, or shouldn't, eat. Or drink.

    7. You're more confident/content

    Was always 'happy,' but now I care much less about what others think of me.

    Very content with what I have, who I hang out with, etc.

    Smaller circle of close people is better than large circle of acquaintances. Would say both are good, though.

    8. Less Ambitious

    This is the one thing I am struggling with as I age. Reading @randomroger posts helps me with this.

    Have always grown up thinking you should strive for more and more. Be better and better. But, enough is sometimes better. For me, at least.

    With a family, I've had to put their needs ahead of my ambitions many times. That too, brings joy. In a different way.

    9. Bad food tastes worse

    This could just be bc the quality of fast food has gotten worse over time, but I used to like McDonald's and Burger King. The few times I've had that sort of food, I take a bite and throw the rest away. And I'm not the type to waste food!

    10. I still think I'm young

    In my mind, I'm the same person I was 20 years ago. May have different tastes or ideas about the world, but I don't feel like a "Sir."

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