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10 things I’m thankful for this year

    1. My daughter

    She's a healthy, happy 2-year old with a joyful personality and an enthusiasm for life that's contagious.

    2. My wife

    Constantly researching toddler stuff and doing things that enrich our family's experiences.

    3. My mom

    Even though I'm almost 40, she never stops thinking about my well-being and doing small things to make my life easier.

    4. My health drive

    What is health drive? Think sex drive but for health and longevity. On a scale from 1-10, mine is a 11.

    5. Twitter

    By far the most valuable social network for improving your life (if you use it well). And Elon will make it even better.

    6. My personal trainer

    He's helped me get stronger in every major muscle group over the past 2 years and I no longer dread working out.

    7. Pickup soccer

    Gives me much-needed male bonding time and a stress-free outlet to play my favorite sport which I almost gave up after Covid.

    8. USMNT in the World Cup

    My favorite sports team qualified for my favorite sporting event this year. Watching the US Men's National team play in the World Cup gives me an irrational amount of joy.

    9. Remote work

    Besides becoming a dad, this change has single-handedly improved my quality of life more than anything else (in part because it allows me to be a better dad).

    10. Virtual assistants

    This year, I realized how much I rely on these people. They are always courteous, professional, and give me back more of my most valuable resource: time.

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