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10 things I’ve been putting off that could have a significant financial impact

    1. Fixing the ceiling in my bathroom

    Devalues the house 

    2. Putting in a new deck

    The current one sucks and has rotting boards. Devalues the house 

    3. Staying in corporate America

    I could leave and focus on multiple revenue streams and eventually do better financially.

    4. Shopping around for better deals on insurance

    5. Hiring a financial advisor or reading 10 books on investing

    6. Buying medications from a Canadian or Israeli mail order pharmacy

    7. Only use my car when absolutely necessary

    I could ride my bike to the grocery store and a handful of other stores near my house. It would be interesting to see how much I save on gas by riding my bike everywhere for a month or two. 

    8. Challenging myself to stick to a budget

    I buy too much crap at the grocery store and Amazon prime. 

    9. Joining an investment club

    10. Teaching my kids about managing their finances

    Also encouraging my kids to build high quality skills that they can monetize as adults.  One day I may need their suppport and the better off they are financially the better I might be too. 

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