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10 things I've done today

This is a typical demo day when we are travelling and Chris has a woodturning demo.

    1. By the time you read this ...

    We will be in Scunthorpe where Chris is giving a woodturning demonstration. This is, I think, our fourth visit to this particular woodturning club.

    2. Did the dreaded supermarket shop

    I don't enjoy food shopping. I put it off as long as I can. Today was that day. The cupboard was bare. If it was just me, I'd make do but there are limits for Chris!

    3. Left some Voxers for a friend

    I sat for five minutes in the supermarket car park replying to a Voxer from a friend.

    4. Got petrol for the journey

    We have an attended petrol station in town. It's very tiny. It was chaos today as lots of cars were waiting for fuel and driving in at both entrances. That's village life for you!

    5. Started listening to a podcast

    I spotted a podcast on Twitter and started to listen on the way back from town. I'm only about 10 minutes in.

    6. Photographed some flowers in the garden for Instagram

    I am trying to recapture the Instagram of yesteryear so spent a couple of minutes photographing flowers in the garden.

    7. Cleared my emails

    Not too many today so didn't take long. I've been unsubscribing from a few newsletters as I didn't have time to read them all.

    8. Invoiced the woodturning club

    I manage all of Chris' business for him and this includes the Accounts.

    9. Made lunch and a packed dinner for later

    We have lunch before we set off and a picnic when we arrive.

    10. Drove to Scunthorpe

    This is about a 2 hour drive.

    11. Had something to eat and drink

    We like to get to the venue an hour before set up time. This means we can chill and have something to eat, have a chat.

    12. Helped Chris set up for the demo

    I generally bring in as much as I can from the car. This includes Chris' tools, lathe parts, materials, toolboxes. Because we have Bamber, it's easier if I do as much as I can so that Chris can wait with him. Sometimes we all bring in stuff so Chris will carry something, he'll hold Bamber's lead and I'll carry something while driving Chris by holding the back of his t-shirt!

    13. Looked after Bamber while Chris demoed

    I always sit at the back of the room with Bamber while Chris does his demo.

    14. Helped Chris pack the car

    This is always carnage. As soon as the demo finishes, 95% of the audience leave. The remaining handful are responsible for clearing up, sweeping up, putting away chairs, and are always keen to get us out of the door. Because Chris is blind, he likes to pack his own kit so it takes a little bit of time. I start taking out boxes and tools as soon as they're ready, and stack them near the car so that Chris can pack it. We're always the last in the car park as everyone has gone by then! It happens at every club we visit.

    15. Drove home around 22:30

    We should be home around 00:30. We'll probably stay up for an hour to decompress and have a drink.

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