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10 things missed in Apple Intelligence

Apple unveiled its iteration of Generative AI at WWDC 2024, bringing several notable updates. In my opinion, however, the company is playing catch-up, having once been pioneers in innovation. Now, they are building upon existing technologies.

I remain skeptical about the upcoming upgrade cycle. To utilize Apple's AI capabilities, one must purchase the premium iPhone 15 Pro, limiting the user base to a select few – approximately 15%, according to Walter Piecyk of Lightshed Partners.

While Apple is on the right track, they have only scratched the surface of AI's potential. Here are the overlooked aspects that are now mainstream in AI ecosystem. Perhaps these may show up in future iterations of Apple AI.


    1. Reading Tools

    There were a lot of writing enhancements and but not reading enhancements. For instance, a screen with readable text - such as a web browser, an email, or an image with text - should allow me to generate a summary, create a diagram, develop a mental map, aid comprehension, craft a blog post, or apply various AI-powered analysis techniques.

    On desktop I use a Sider ChatGPT extension which allows me highlight text and apply any prompts I would like to it. It has separate series of text that are readable text vs writeable text.

    2. Summarize YouTube videos

    Be able to pull transcriptions and summarize YouTube videos. I have to use a paid third-party application to do this on mobile.

    3. RAG Application

    Create a application across all data sources to create analysis, data visualization and search to get the insights from your own data sources. Google did this with NotebookLLM. I was surprised Apple did not do something similar.

    4. Caption Videos and Image and audio

    Describe any image, video and audio contents and create a searchable index.

    5. Voice Cloning

    Implement voice cloning so that you can use a customize voice your own or another voice to setup voicemail, read text or send voice messages to friends.

    6. Customize Siri

    I should be able to set the tone and personality of Siri. It's level of diction. Things it should know about me. It should learn these things as it interacts with me.

    7. Video Translation

    Using voice cloning, I should be able to translate a video or audio message into another language in either audio or video. It should also incorporate lip sync.

    8. FaceTime real time translation with Lipsync

    Have real-time language translation and lipsync.

    9. Realtime AI support

    The ChatGPT 4o omni has the ability to view your screen and have interactive conversation with AI. Google showcased it Astra Model. A bit disappointed that I did not see anything.

    10. AI Song Generation

    Add support for song generation either built on device or partner with Suno for AI music generation. These songs could be added to the video editing features of Apple.

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