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10 Things My 10 Year Old Self Would Be Sad To Know I No Longer Do

Sigh... such a thought provoking topic...

    1. Street Basketball

    I mean, I still love basketball. But basketball is a pretty high-impact sport. Maybe not as much as football. But... looking back, I tended to get injuries every few months back then. Not something I'd like to spend time recovering from at this stage. It's just table tennis for me now. Lol.

    2. MMORPG Games

    To be fair... I still play video games. And I still watch cartoons. And animated films. And play with toys. So I'm sure my 10 year old self would be proud to know that. But, it's not my fault that I stopped MMORPG gaming. It's just so hard to find good online games nowadays. Everything has gone mobile. And I just hate playing games on mobile. How can you play seriously on such a small device?

    3. Have Conversations With Friends Almost Everyday

    Again, it's true... it's not my fault. Social media has all but ruined most people's ability to hold a conversation. Seriously. When I ask friends about what they're up to, it's not strange to hear the reply, "You can get my updates on my Instagram or Facebook account." And then they go quiet. I don't use social media AT ALL so...

    4. Junk Food, Processed Foods

    I'm sure my 10 year old self would be really disappointed to hear this. And I'm sure he wouldn't understand either. I doubt very many kids prioritize health over their taste buds. But I'm healthy, and getting healthier and younger every year. So I'm sure he'd like that at least.

    5. Not Care About Money At All

    My dream was always to live a life where... I just had a simple job, making enough money to survive... and spending my time relaxing, chilling, and enjoying life. I really never wanted to care about money at all. There's so many more important (and fun things in life). And the last thing I ever wanted to do was run a business. Several decades and businesses built later... Ha ha. At the very least, I only ever build businesses that allow me to do work I genuinely love. So... be at ease my younger self...

    6. Hang Out With Friends I Used To Hang Out With

    Growing up, I seem to have had little to no clue when it came to filtering out which people I made friends with. Some of them were good. Some of them were bad. But over the years, I've learned a lot about the importance of being selective with friendship. Because it's such an important factor in life. You really only want to have deep relationships with good, reliable, trustworthy friends who inspire you for the better. And not just anyone who happens to come your way. Not sure if my younger self would be happy with this or not, but... you can't argue with a better life. :)

    7. Fear Nothing

    I'm not sure if it's just me. Or if it's the same for everyone. But growing up, I had no notion of the word "fear". When I imagined something cool, I'd just jump right into it (not in a bad way of course, no smoking, no drinking). Nowadays, I seem to be getting a lot less courageous when it comes to many things in life... sometimes a lot less optimistic... sometimes a little TOO logical... But, I'm trying my best to get back to an optimal balance between optimism and realism.

    8. Play Music Often

    It's not that I don't want to play more often. It's just that there's so much fun stuff to be done everyday, inevitably somethings get pushed to the side. Ah... my violin is gathering dust, but... there's just so much other fun stuff to do. Programming, playing chess, building side businesses, creating art, playing video games, learning magic tricks... Maybe I really need to start a side business playing music... that'll force me to do it more often... or at least release an album or two sometimes...

    9. Graphic Design

    It was one of the earliest forms of art that I fell in love with. I don't do it as much as I used to. Except for using it for some online projects now and then... never really creating anything for fun. I'm more focused on other forms of art now. But I'll get back to it again for sure soon...

    10. Hand Skills

    Magic tricks. Card fluorishes. Coin fluorishes. Pen spinning. It's been a while since I've had fun practicing and working on all those skills. I really need to get the rust off and start doing them again... Ah, there's just so much fun stuff I need to do...

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