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10 Things Parents Should Do With Their Kids (But don't)

    1. Play Chess

    The best way to teach kids critical thinking, pattern recognition, and the ability to out-think an opponent is to play chess with them.

    2. Learn a martial art

    The best way for kids to learn self-discipline and respect for others is by learning a martial art.

    3. Learn how money works

    Kids should learn about savings accounts, CDs, stocks, bonds, mutual funds (all of which are really just ways of saving money), how the Federal Reserve works (or doesn't), etc. They will be less susceptible to financial scams if they understand how money really works.

    4. Write a novel together

    Children should write a novel with their parents. It's hard but rewarding and it teaches so many skills - creativity (coming up with story ideas), writing skills (coming up with good dialogue or action scenes), time management (having deadlines), etc.

    5. Play Go

    The second best game ever invented (after Chess) is Go. And kids can start learning at 4 years old! Since there are no turns in Go it teaches kids patience and also helps them develop spatial awareness since they have to plan ahead several moves.

    6. Make something together every day for one month straight. No distractions allowed!

    Whether it's making a website or making origami models or whatever, make something every day for 30 days straight with your child(ren). It'll teach them persistence and the idea that "I can do anything I set my mind to". And it'll be fun!

    7. Draw together every day for one month straight. No distractions allowed!

    This combines the first two activities but adds another important skill - drawing ability. Kids who draw often when young have much better drawing abilities later in life than those who don't draw as children.

    8. Listen

    and then respond instead of immediately talking back when your kid talks to you about something difficult going on in their life
    This is hard but crucial if you want your children to feel like they can come talk to you about anything anytime without feeling judged or rejected by you

    9. Read books out loud together? Yes! Do this even if your kid(s) are older adults now! This will help keep the relationship strong as well as help both parties improve their reading skills and perhaps retain more information from what they


    10. Don't text while spending time with your child(ren)

    This seems obvious but we're all guilty of it sometimes so try extra hard not to do this one thing while spending time with your kids even if it feels like an inconvenience at times

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