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10 Things That Can Enhance The Wellbeing Of Anyone's Life

It may take time to move close to having all of these things, but we can start today.

    1. Live in a place where you enjoy the weather.

    For me, it's warm weather, but I know people who can't imagine living someplace where it does not snow. Wherever it is, go there, because life is too short to be unhappy about where you live.

    2. Only add someone to your life if the resulting relationship is a net plus for both of you.

    And not simply because you need the other person. This goes for personal and for business relationships. Value needs to be derived for both people for it to be a successful relationship.

    3. Swap water for every other liquid you consume.

    Except for coffee, of course.

    4. Find a physical activity you love that releases stress.

    And engage in it as much as possible. For me, it's running.

    5. Never spend more money than you bring in.

    At times, there will be exceptions to this rule, but it should be the default approach to spending.

    6. Never argue.

    Note that there is a difference between debate and argument, with the latter coming from one's ego and trying to one-up the other person.

    7. Walk if you can't run; run if you can't bike; bike if you can't drive.

    Default to physical movement as a means to commute whenever possible.

    8. Smile a lot.

    It makes everyone's day a little bit better, including your own.

    9. Do your doodle.

    I think I read this from Jon Favreau. He was talking about finding the thing you love to do, and he referenced doodling on a page resulting in becoming a writer or artist. The point is, whatever that thing is you mess around with just for fun, that could be something to explore in greater depth.

    10. Be you.

    Whoever that is, be that person unapologetically. It's hard to do in the short term, but you'll be far happier over the course of your life.

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