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10 Things That Can’t Be Dematerialized

If it can be dematerialized, it can be democratized. If it can be democratized, that can disrupt how it’s monetized.

Here are 10 things that can’t be dematerialized (which means always opportunity for anyone and everyone) ↓↓↓

Feel free to debate…(I’d love your perspective).


    1. Air

    Yeah, we have stuff like oxygen bars and air tanks to allow us to travel to places where air is either not present or is required for medical aid stuff, but otherwise can't really turn this into some kinda digital thing.

    2. Food

    We all need to eat, right? Not sure if or how we can do away with the need for food to keep organic organisms alive. Maybe if we figure out how to turn light into energy for our bodies? Is anyone working on this?

    3. Drink

    I mean we did figure out how to monetize water, which is kinda weird. I always remember my dad complaining about "WTF would anyone pay for water when I can get it at any public park for free?"

    But dematerializing it? Not sure how that could ever happen.

    4. Clothing

    I can imagine someone figuring out how to add VR clothing to folks using VR tech, but we still need clothing at least for general public decency reasons.

    5. Shelter

    We all need some kinda roof over our heads. If nothing more so that we have a place to wear our VR headsets physically while we engage in life virtually.

    6. Waste of all kinds

    I always wondered why our bodies excrete waste because I think it'd be awesome if someone could figure out how to go urinate for me when I'm already nice and cozy in bed.

    7. Individual Perspective

    I mean this ain't material to begin with, but can be made to feel material when recounted (at least that's my opinion).

    Individual stories and opinion = unique experience. So far as I can tell, AI can't have an experience, which makes it's story telling flat and unnuanced.

    8. Physical Artifacts & Memorabilia

    Yes, replicas can be made virtual, but virtual can't be physically harnessed. Walking around in a virtual coliseum is not the same as going to the physical one in Rome.

    9. Physical intimate interaction with other humans (not just sexual or virtual)

    BBQ cookouts, Dance Parties and NightClubs would be quite the weird experience if we tried to replicate them virutally.

    With that being said, you ever hear of a "quiet party"?

    Everyone in the place listening to music on headsets. I've been to one in NYC. Such a strange thing.

    10. Physical travel to physical locations (we can’t teleport just yet)

    Nuff Said?

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