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10 things that get better with time

I've been babysitting my cousins for the past two weeks while my aunt and uncle are on vacation, and a lot of family friends have stopped by to bring us food (I can cook, but I think the food bringing is just their way of being neighborly). As a result, I've been eating a ton of lentils this week. They're great, from the day we receive them and for several days thereafter. These lentils are the inspiration for today's list.

    1. Lentils

    Especially in daal form. The spices become even more infused in the lentils, and they taste better and better.

    2. Wine/Spirits

    This is a classic. People love talking about how old their wine/spirits are, and, from what I understand, aged wine/spirits are a delicacy. As they say: "he/she aged like a fine wine".

    3. Cheese

    This isn't universally true of cheeses, but some taste great when they're aged for a while (under the right conditions, of course).

    4. Pickles

    I actually hate all pickled things bc I'm not a vinegar fan, but I suspect this to be true. It could very well be more of a parabola than a clear upward trend though.

    5. Good relationships

    In romance, friendship, mentorship... you name it.

    6. Melissa McCarthy

    Did I love her as Sookie in Gilmore Girls? Yes. Do I think she's become even more of a star since then? For sure.

    7. Priyanka Chopra

    Similarly to the previous point. Priyanka used to be one of the queens of Bollywood (I remember seeing her in Dostana when I was little), but since then she's taken on roles with more depth, has entered Hollywood, and seems to be thriving.

    8. The iPhone

    I rarely update my technology/devices, for a two main reasons: 1) I don't think the high price point is worth it; and 2) it feels wasteful to throw away my old device and buy a new one when a new iteration comes out simply for a few improvements. Although this is my purchasing philosophy, I do think that the tech itself keeps getting better, however marginally.

    9. Beloved plushie toys

    Ask any child: the longer they've had their blankie/teddy, the more beloved it becomes.

    10. The NotePD AI

    Like most AIs, it gets better with more training and more usage. Some of the ideas I've seen it produce lately have been stellar!

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