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10 Things That Get Me Into a Flow State

Inspired by @BillBergeman's list

    1. Quiet

    I'm easily distracted and disturbed by noise. I get the most done when I can guarantee peace and quiet for a few hours and at a time when I won't be interrupted.

    2. An idea

    I often have ideas when I can't action them. I'll often work on them late at night when the house is quiet (see above), and I can go all in on whatever is in my head.

    3. YouTube music

    If there is noise, I have a YouTube video that I will play to drown out the noise. It means I don't have quiet but I've found that I can get things done.

    4. Interstellar

    I don't know if this is at a specific frequency which is conducive to entering a flow state but it works for me.

    5. Interstellar Organ

    An alternative.

    6. Pottering

    Sometimes I have to clear through stuff before I can settle into flow. Put the washer on, clear emails, tidy up, tick things off my to do list. I often do that for a while and it helps get me into the right frame of mind.

    7. Walking

    Walking has always been key for me and it was through walking week after week that I had several aha moments which evolved into the book I am working on now and my philosophy of life.

    8. Creating

    As I walked I would take photos. Being out with my camera for hours got me into the zone and some of my best photography emerged from those walks.

    9. Making lists

    David Allen and GTD talk about mind like water. You have to get all those things and distractions out of your head and into a system. This has always helped me. Otherwise, something will pop into my head and break my flow.

    10. Fill the well

    Flow is hard to find when you're running on empty. Doing something that fills the well - being inspired, enjoying art, going somewhere new - can help refill that well.

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