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10 Things That Give You An Edge In Business

I am not a guru on business for sure, I have observed, read and studied it. I have been in sales for quite a long time, which is your own business to some degree.

    1. Get People Better or Get Better People

    This is not meant to sound harsh, but if it's not a regular practice at least once per year, you need to take a closer look and do a deep dive on your people in your business. Some just get rid of people instead of trying to do something about it themselves, that is not the best strategy, in fact, that will eventually lead to greater failures down the line.

    2. Have and Articulate your Vision then reinforce it

    Your people may have no idea what the vision is, some may have forgot, and some lost interest. It could be time to reevaluate your vision or reinforce it. Management is about Dialogue it's not a Monologue

    3. Empower your people

    Delegation is a touchy subject with some business owners, some struggle with it, some are experts at it, and some won't do it. If you empower your team(s) and give them more say so, more responsibility, you will be surprised on the results! Teamwork multiplies your effectiveness. More contributors means more ideas, be a coach not a cop.

    4. Find out what your people want

    Why do your people come to work? What are their goals? What aspirations do they have? What values do they hold? What are they looking to accomplish both in life and at their job? These are questions you should find the answers to from your people and then once you find out what they want....Help them get it! This may mean you may lose some good people, some might leave, some might go into business themselves, some might even become a competitor of yours. It's ok though, helping them achieve their goals provides so much for everyone at the end of it all.

    5. Find out what can be done better, challenge the current process

    This can be a total overhaul, but it could also simply be an adjustment to something here or there that could make a huge improvement in the bottom line. Ask everyone their input, EVERYONE from the janitor on up! What process needs to be updated or eliminated? Where can we save money without sacrificing service? What skills can people learn to be better and prepare for the future? If you are leading in your space, create your own competition. Challenge leaders in your group to implement change and find a better way. Find out what could be relevant next year and start now.

    6. It's easy to coast during the good times, but that is when you should be preparing for the bad times

    Being comfortable has a short shelf life. The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle. Train, learn and prepare before the fight comes.

    7. Be First

    If you can create something first. It could be a service, a process, or a product.

    8. If you are not the innovator of a good product or service, do it anyways but do it better

    9. Change the decor

    A change of scenery helps. New flooring, new paint, update the look, new appliances in the break rooms, new coffee maker....small subtle changes can change people's attitude and reinvigorate people.

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