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10 things that I think you need in your home office

For those working from home, or those that want to create a space to do their best work at home

    1. View of the outside (window)

    It's important to be able to look outside your window at something far away - it's a great way to relax your eyes from staring at screens all day

    2. Standing desk

    They (I don't know who) say sitting is the new smoking.

    3. Books

    When I'm bored, or in between meetings or have a few minutes, I like to do some light reading through a book and its easier to do so when you have them hand at your desk

    4. Notebook

    I like to write notes, journal, and write down things I would otherwise forget. Some of you may have digital systems, but for work, I like to use analog items.

    5. Mug / water bottle

    Important to hydrate throughout the day. If you feel hungry or tired, hydrate.

    6. Moisturizer

    I'm sure this is dependent on where you are but I'm in a cold and dry place and so its great to have moisturizer handy so I can keep my skin supple.

    7. Resistance bands

    Just a good way to get in some light exercise after a long day of work.

    8. Second monitors

    I thought the ideal set up was to have two or even three monitors (say 20 - 25 inches) on your desk. But apparently the better setup is to have one larger monitor (30 - 40+ inches) hooked up to your computer.

    9. Separate mouse and keyboard

    I find typing on and using a laptop keyboard and trackpad the most annoying thing. I can't live without a mouse and I figure if I'm going to get a separate mouse, I might as well get an ergonomic keyboard.

    10. Eyeglass cloth

    I wear glasses (well you can see in my picture) and not having something to clean the glasses handy is annoying

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