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10 Things That Keep Success Away From You

The success you want can be had. You just have to understand what holds you back, remove those obstacles and do more of the things that get you closer to your prize. Here are some ideas how.

10 Things That Keep Success Away From You

    1. You don't climb up the hierarchy of needs

    Familiar with Maslow's hierarchy of needs? I think everyone should get familiar with it. It outlines the layered tiers from bare necessities of survival to living a dream life. Mass market to individual appeal. Needs → Wants.

    2. You don't fully understand how you're a power source

    Everything revolves around a source. The sun is the source of energy that powers life on Earth. It enables everything else. The plants eat sun light and fart out Oxygen. Animals, in turn consume plants and all their waste. Humans eat animals. We also look to each other for different reasons. Why should people look to you? The more ways you can figure out to be useful to others, the more people will look to you, and the more of a power source you become.

    3. You don't understand Positioning

    Everything is vying for positioning. Survival depends on it. The top of the food chain is only as viable as the supply and stability of the things that support it. The key to any market is to figure out what it wants and position yourself as source to satisfy what it wants. In order for that to happen that have to perceive and trust you are. The more of those trust perception attributes you have in place, the more demand of you increases.

    4. You think money is the goal

    Money is a collective fiction. It is a placeholder for something real that is otherwise useful. Nature does not need or want money. People do. In a thriving society, the goal should be figuring out how to be useful. To figure out how to be useful, imagine what it would take to thrive without money. To get a simple rundown of how money actually works (I need things explained to me like I'm 5), read this book,

    5. You don't understand laws of supply and demand

    In any market, the more readily available resources are, the less value they have. Production is about taking a resource, transforming it into something else, and selling that to others who want it. The less the quality of the refinement, the lower the cost to produce, the more it's a commodity, the lower the price. People pay more for in demand refined resources. That shapes perception. The less of those resources available the higher the price someone who wants it will pay.

    6. You're entitled

    Most people think they deserve stuff. The truth is no one owes you anything. We're still part of the natural order of life. To keep living you have to survive. To survive you must strive. You have to fight, climb, reach, and you must do that amongst all others that are trying to do the same thing.

    7. You don't understand want vs need

    Need is survival. It's vital. Generic bare essentials. That includes air, water and food. Take away a bare essential = end of life or death. Need is binary, you have it or you don't. Want is luxury. Many options. Want is about choice, taste, preference, and how you think it makes you look to others (which reinforces or clashes with how you see yourself). You can serve needs and succeed just fine that way, but figuring out how to serve wants (while making that feel like a need)...that's an artistic way to get to the top.

    8. Past trauma

    Your past holds you back. Things that were done or said to you or things that you said or did when you were a kid. All of that affects you when you're older. It creates a subjective story in your mind about you and controls who you are, which limits what you believe you can achieve. Learning to deal with your past is a good way to help you have a good future.

    9. You only follow

    A true leader has followers through choice, not coercion. They enable followers to become good leaders themselves. Some people don't want to lead. They just want to follow. If all you ever do is follow... you'll never have the success you could have as a leader.

    10. Scattered focus

    The sun doesn't care if you make use of it or not. It shines it's energy every which way. However, if you learn to harness and focus it's energy you can start your own fire. Learn to focus and direct energy. That's one form of power. That's a way to take potential energy and turning it into useful energy. Humans will always pay for those that understand how to harness and focus energy so they do not have to.

    11. You're afraid to look foolish

    Status... the ego checker. Tell someone they're smart, they'll do everything in their power to avoid looking stupid. Tell someone who's smart they're stupid, who actually cares what you think, and you hold them back. That's all emotional b.s. Success comes more easily when you're not afraid to try things that may not work while you test out your theory to see if you can get it to work. Those who care more about the work than status don't have this problem and usually attain success with less stress. Focus on the work, not the outcome. Focus on doing things to help the collective of humanity and those you deem worthy, not what your peers think of you.

    12. You're only interested in the shortcut

    The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. That's about efficiency. Not everything in life is about efficiency. Sometimes being less efficient is more effective. Think sex jokes... 60 second Steve might be efficient, but his wife, Multi-Orgasmic Loving Molly, ain't livin' the good life, lol. Shrinking displeasure and extending pleasure are about effectiveness while not necessarily being more efficient. Said another way, we're all gonna die eventually, but most of us are in no rush to get there.

    13. You don't understand influence vs persuasion

    Persuasion is about communicating to convince or convert at the start of a new relationship. Influence is about relying on the trust built into a relationship to do the convincing and converting. Once you have influence you don't really need to be persuasive. The build up of influence can be increased faster when you understand persuasion, but it's not necessary to succeed. Persuasion is like trying to shortcut influence. That's more helpful short term. If you're gonna choose one, work on learning to be influential. That's the long game.

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