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10 Things That Make Work Worthwhile For Me

I had a discussion over the weekend with a friend, and he told me about someone he knew who is happy to do a mundane job as long as he gets to go fishing on weekends, his passion. That made me think about the choices we have. We either do work to be able to do other things that are more fun, or we do fun things so we can work harder :)

I knew people who hated sales, but they were doing it because they could go out, meet people, and occasionally golf.

Bootstrapping a company gave me a whole new meaning to work. Here are my 10:

    1. The creation process

    Turning an idea or knowledge into value for others is a worthwhile endeavor.

    2. The pursuit of growth

    Bootstrapping a business is not easy. Hiring talent, building the right product, or reaching out to prospects is not easy. Every aspect of building a company stretches me to think differently.

    3. The challenges

    I get excited when I see a problem I can solve. Challenges help us see weaknesses, they help us think differently.

    4. To impact of the effort of a team

    Getting great testimonials from clients about how our solution or service solves their problems makes everything we do worthwhile.

    5. To see what I can do with what I was given

    Blending ideas, emotions, senses, interactions, values, etc.

    6. Thinking Time

    Being able to control my own time is the best of all. I get to own, most of the time, my schedule. I get to schedule time to think.

    Thinking time is an essential activity in my week.

    Before, I was barely breathing. Others controlled my calendar.

    7. The game of expansion

    Seeing the business grow slowly feels great. Thinking about how we can reuse ideas, components, and processes to scale or grow is fulfilling.

    8. Self discovery

    Self-actualization and continuous self-discovery.

    9. Build wealth

    Of course, this makes hard work worthwhile too.

    10. Working with people I enjoy working with

    Most of the time. This may change as we expand :)

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