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10 Things that people complain about: solutions to these are business ideas!

10 Things that people complain about: solutions to these are business ideas!

    1. Not getting enough attention - Not enough contrast

    There's a lot of noise out there. The quickest way to stand out is to understand how to signal your difference. Think in terms of CLEAR contrast.

    2. Don't stoke pains - Present Dilemmas

    People think you have to put salt on a wound to get them to take action. People just want the pain to stop. Really want you want to do is get them to see how the pain won't stop if they don't choose wisely, but the choice is up to them.

    3. Stop putting out information - put out wisdom crumbs

    Information is the ocean that no one can drink from. Wisdom is the useful life giving distillation they can consume.

    4. Don't try and convince - Instead create doubt (easier and more effective)

    Convincing is not convincing. More than anything it's easier to get them to see they don't know the answer and so defer to you than it is to give them something to object to, which is all you do when you convince.

    5. No need to try and motivate - It's either there or not

    You don't have to make someone thirsty, hungry or curious. You simply have to confirm that state and be the ones to relieve that discomfort when it presents itself.

    6. Money is not the useful thing - It's a placeholder for the useful thing

    Money is all about exchanging what you can do or offer in exchange for what you want. That's all it is. Don't glorify money. Figure out how you can contribute usefulness that many people want and you'll be able to exchange it for money and then for what you really want.

    7. Traffic is not a problem when you realize - Someone else already has your audience

    You only have a traffic problem if you can't figure out who your target audience is, what they really want, what they really don't want and who else has them then can make them an offer. If you're not getting traffic, the problem is probably with what was mentioned a moment ago.

    8. The easiest opportunity is in Boredom - World's biggest problem today

    I find Maslow's hierarchy of needs to be the easiest place to start to try and figure out a "niche." If nothing else, just look at who society reveres... all the celebrities. We're a Netflix and chill society. Start with eliminating boredom as a way to be useful and mix that into everything else you do.

    9. People are guarded until they know you're safe

    How do they know you're safe? You be vulnerable with them, too. Share that you know what they're struggling with, what their fears are, insecurities, etc. How? Because you had them same issues, too. The only differnece... you've overcome them. You just wanna pass that knowledge on.

    10. We live in an age of dialogue - Stop thinking only in terms of monologue

    Broadcast is one way. That's a monologue. But, today, we're used to sharing on opinions in public. Yelp reviews, Amazon reviews, Google reviews. We want to tell people what we think of a thing. The thing is the more you foster and engage in this way of thinking, the more likely you are to foster strong connections with those you do it with.

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