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10 things that would happen to the world if all humans were superintelligent


We are concerned about the existential threat posed by AI gaining superintelligence and eradicating humans, similar to Skynet in the Terminator films.

What if it were possible to increase all human intelligence to its highest level through gene manipulation or a superintelligence chip?

    1. Increase in Atheism

    I would guess that a firm reliance on science would lower the belief in an external deity. Assuming that culture and religion, personal experience was not a significant factor.

    2. People would cease or reduce lower complexity work

    People would find manual work boring and would seek the more complex types of work that would intellectually be stimulating.

    3. We would focus more on AI and automation

    We would automate away all the boring, tedious work.

    4. Increase in more sophisticated crime

    Infinite intelligence leads to infinite ambition, and not all ambition is good.

    5. Advanced education

    Education and learning would be accelerated with complex subjects taught at a younger age.

    6. Rise of startups

    Opportunities would be hard to get, so people would create their business ideas.

    7. Space Travel

    We would probably work more vigorously towards space travel, colonizing new worlds and possibly terraforming a new planet.

    8. Boredom

    Highly intelligent individuals may struggle to find challenges and stimulation daily, leading to boredom and a lack of motivation.

    9. Inequalities would decrease

    10. Increased Technological Advancement

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