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10 things that you in the future (12 months from now) will thank your present self for doing

    1. Going to China

    The thought of being here next year is depressing.  I'm too smart to be stacking shelves and living with my parents.  Really not a fan of where I am in life.  It's getting better, so that's good.

    2. Sell more clothing

    If I can make a good amount of steady sales each month by next year I'll be really happy.  Having something that brings me in money whilst I sleep is my dream.  It allows a new sense of freedom.  Hopefully I'll archive this dream soon.

    3. Stand up

    I'd like to do more standup comedy.  Here and in China.  I'm good friend's with one of the top English comedians in China.  Hopefully he can help me get started out there.

    4. Sing/ukulele

    Maybe I could buy myself a guitar and learn that as well.  In the last few years my singing has improved drastically.  I put that down to playing the ukulele and singing along.  A little practice each day pays off.

    5. Write

    I'd like to put out more books.  I've got the drafts for multiple 'The Rocco Effect - set...) Book's.  I'll get started on improving them soon.

    I also want to finish my psychological biases book.

    6. Animate

    I've written my Popeman story.  Animating it into a short story should be easy enough and I'm pretty sure people would love it.

    7. Read

    My brain's been fried for a while.  I can't remember the last time I read.  Hopefully I can get back to it soon.  I'm looking forward to reading Scott Adams new book.  Loved his last few books all in my top list of books.

    8. Stay sober

    I didn't plan on staying off it for good, but the more I reflect on it the less I want to return to drinking.  Really enjoying the sober life.

    9. Daily lists

    I love writing lists.  Even when I was at my worst pushing myself to write a list forced me to keep pushing forward and get better.  Without them it would be very easy to succumb to the depression and let it engulf me.

    I'm hoping to write plenty of top tire list's.  

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