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Andrew Rampersaud


10 things they need to change for next U.S. election(s)

Watched the 2022 U.S. mid-terms last night from all the way up here in Canada. Here's what I think would make the the process better.

    1. Have a non-partisan government agency count the votes

    I learned you guys don't have a public service branch that handles elections. In Canada we have Elections Canada and Elections Ontario where I live.

    2. No run-off elections

    We don't have these either. The most votes by, say, a 1,000-vote margin should be declared the winner.

    3. Don't have all votes for every public office on one day

    You vote for the house, senate, AND have the gubernatorial offices all in one day. Our premier and prime minister are done on their own time timetables.

    4. Shorter campaign period

    Again, here in Canada, the campaigns only officially last a few months.

    5. Hold ballot initiatives and propositions on another day

    May this is why they call this election day in America, but referendums should be held separately from the votes for the public offices.

    6. Publication ban on results until west coast votes are counted

    In short: let's all find out at once.

    7. Police/Military stand guard outside of voting places

    Because it's getting dangerous out there now.

    8. Only one person from a party can run in a state

    I know the states decide a lot for themselves, but in the Alaska election there are several republicans running for legislative seats.


    9. The President should not campaign at all during mid-terms

    They are the sitting head of state, right? Maybe they shouldn't be allowed to campaign.

    10. Give the U.S. territories one or two senate seats

    Enough Americans live in these places that they should have this by now.

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