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10 Things To Be Grateful For.

New circumstances in life give us the opportunity to reconsider all that has gone before in new light.

    1. Discipline. In order to improve one needs to have this, whether in learning, diet, drinking or changing habits. I am grateful for such an attribute.

    2. Empathy. Without it how do we know we are helping or hurting others or ourselves. Having this talent is well worth honing.

    3. Time. What a gift it is, even if we seem to never have enough. And I'm grateful to have been able to experience this particular era in human history.

    4. Health. I do have problems with this, but having the discipline to figure out what's wrong has opened my eyes to others talents that have the (non-traditional) answers professionals can't seem to find. Heal thyself by asking questions.

    5. Wealth. Not a millionaire and perhaps never will be, but I am striving to manage what I have and to make it grow. Lack is no longer part of my life, it was a monster to overcome and I am glad I mastered mind and spirit.

    6. Love. It surrounds us. Be aware of it at all times. Especially when driving! Live from love as much as possible.

    7. Family. I have so many families that I should never feel alone. Friends make families thru like ideas. So for every idea I have, there is a family for it.

    8. Wisdom. It comes with age, but only if your turn inward to find truth. Spouting other's ideas or thoughts is not wisdom. Anyone can be wise after the fact, but to figure things out correctly on the fly is the use of wisdom

    9. Partnership. I am grateful to have finally found a man/partner that doesn't bug me too much. I have my freedom to pursue my dreams yet a gentle desire to stay near my lover, my husband, my friend.

    10. USA. What a great place to have been raised. It allows for all of the other points of gratefulness in my life. It's got its troubles right now, it always has. I am hoping the Spirit of Columbia begins to wake up and guide us again.

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