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10 Things to do at my sisters this weekend

I am doggy sitting in the country. I am so excited. It's always a nice retreat!

    1. Apothecary

    I am going to the local Apothecary. It is called that. They have great anti anxiety herbs that help me a ton. Anti anxiety medication can only do so much. I take something called acute calm. It's for when you know you're headed into a stressful situation and you need something to kick in quick. I take this at school when I know an event is going to deregulate me. I need to be regulated so the kids can be.

    2. Binge Watch

    My boyfriend and I are going to watch the 5th season of the F1 show. We've watched season 4 and season 1. The new season comes out soon. I need to watch 2 and 3. Im excited for Love is Blind. So much to binge.

    3. Black Card Membership at Planet Fitness

    I want to get my Black Card Membership at PF so that I can bring my Boyfriend with me. I can also go to any club. If I get it this weekend then I can do a lot of working out. I am trying to gradually increase my steps until March 24th when I go to Disney.

    4. Read

    There are legit too many books I want to read. I have so many. Electric City is the newest one I really want to get into. Did you know that Henry Ford and Thomas Edison wanted to create a Green City in Alabama in the 1920's. SO interesting.

    5. Embroidery Practice

    I need to practice embroidery before I can make my Embroidery Journal. I am excited for this.

    6. Try a New Restaurant

    I love trying new things. I think I will have to go a little farther out to find something that I haven't had but I am excited to try.

    7. Figure out my next quest

    My Disney Quest is coming to an end soon. What will I do next?

    8. Movie Credits Deep Dive

    I had an idea this year. I want to look at the movie credits of a movie that was made like 10-15 years ago. Google all of the people that made the film possible and see where they are today. Something like Forest Gump. Where is the assistant to the director today? Who was in that movie that I don't know about?

    9. Create a vision board

    Create a vision board for my 41st year on this earth. I have my birthday coming up on March 17. What do I want to do in my 41st year on this earth?

    10. Plan out my pixie dust

    I am pixie dusting all over Disney world. I need to create the tags for the pixie dust and get it ready. I don't think I will have time after this week long break I have coming up.

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