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10 things to do before turning 75 to insure a better quality of life after turning 75

Today I am 53. When I was 25 years old, I never imagined that I would be 53. Now that I am 53, that age feels pretty normal. I am watching my mother and my mother-in-law age, very painfully, into advanced old age. They are both becoming increasingly sick and helpless at 85 and 97 years old.

Since I was 25 I have learned a lot of life experience. If I can consciously apply this knowledge to my next 25 years or so, I can ensure a better quality of life for my next 25 years and possibly my next 50 years.

These realizations plus a recent health scare has made me feel that the timer is now ticking. I don't have an unlimited amount of lifetime left. I want to make it count.

    1. Create the “perfect assisted living “ community

    That way I can live in it

    2. Develop significant passive income streams

    25 years is a long time. Focus on building a passive income portfolio.

    3. Actively seek out groups of people to associate with

    Loneliness in old age can be devastating. Stay active in groups online and in person

    4. Enjoy each day to the fullest

    5. Travel

    I don't have an extremely strong desire to do this, but I have enjoyed traveling and seeing parts of the world. I want to do more of this before I am unable to. Memories can last forever, unless you get Alzheimer's.

    6. Create things for my own enjoyment

    I have started leaning into this, and if you read any of my other posts, it is kind of a theme of mine this year. It helps keep me exploring, and keeps my brain active. It also helps build skills so that the next thing that I create is better. 

    7. Write music

    I used to think I would like to do this all day every day. I recently had a day where I could do it for a really long time, and I found that I was burned out after a couple of hours. However, this is something that I do truly enjoy, and it is something that I can do into old age. I actually found that I was more invigorated about creating a course about the process of writing music that I was about the actual music writing. This is good to know!

    8. Create courses

    Creatimg courses utilizes a lot of skills that I enjoy. I have created some courses and training in my other jobs. So far I have not made any money with the courses. I'm about to start a new round where I might try to step up my game. But even the process of writing instruction material is enjoyable to me. Maybe I am a little bit weird that way.

    9. Take care of my health

    10. Do good things for other people

    There are so many benefits to this. I have done some, but I can always improve. When serving others in any way you frequently get back even more benefit to yourself. It is a good way to leave a positive mark on the world, even in a small way. Most of my help to others has been with direct family members or activities related to them. I can certainly branch out in the next 25 years and help in other ways.

    11. Don’t be a burden to your children

    This was one of my fathers great mantras and goals in life. He lived by it and spent an incredible amount of time earning and planning for it, but the end result was that he wasn't. My mother is also very self-contained. Being a caretaker for an elderly relative is not fun. I don't want to be that relative.

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