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10 things to do if you feel like you're stuck in your career

10 things to do if you feel like you're stuck in your career

    1. Delegate, delete or defer things you don't like doing

    One of my former colleagues decided that he would not attend specific meetings because it was a waste of his time. I wish I had his boldness and courage. Now he wasn't just skipping meetings because he didn't want to attend, he was skipping meetings because he was doing other things that were bringing the company money.

    2. Four hour work week ?

    Find ways to be way more efficient than you are right now at doing work. Then use that extra time to start something on the side.

    3. Side hustles

    Use early mornings and weekends to find a side hustle - writing, building an online course, creating a Youtube channel - something that earn you extra income

    4. Talk to your mentor

    If they work at the same company, ask them what they're seeing or hearing. What are you doing that could be sabotaging your career? And what would they suggest you do to get unstuck?

    Don't have a mentor? You could talk to a friend, spouse or a career coach.

    5. Talk to your boss

    Find out why you are stuck. What special projects could you possibly take on to get unstuck? What courses could you take? What conferences could you attend? What other teams may require your skillset and experience that could put you on a higher level?

    6. Look at job postings

    You have the power to control where your career goes. If your boss doesn't or if your company doesn't, then look to other companies.

    7. Turn around and sell your services to your company

    If you do excellent work for your company, sometimes you can slowly transition out of being a full-time employee into a contractor for your same company. You'll do the same work, but you have a lot more freedom to do other things. Sure you don't have the security because your company may not decide to renew your contract but how is that different from having a full-time job where a company can let you go at any point?

    8. Talk to trusted individuals

    Discuss what is 'blocking' you. Is it skills? Is it school? Is it experiences? Is it perception / brand / awareness within your company?

    9. Jump around

    One of the best ways to transition to other companies is to find other people that are leaving and connect with them. Ask them if there are positions you would be right for and whether they would refer you.

    10. Focus on things outside of work

    Sometimes you feel stuck but you also don't feel like pushing yourself out of the hole. That's okay, you can focus on other things too: family, volunteering, your hobbies.

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