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10 things to do on a Monday to make your week more productive

    1. Look ahead in your calendar

    Or rather, plan ahead. What things do you have to do? What things can you delegate or delete or defer?

    2. Block off time for yourself

    Whether it's exercise, learning and development, family time - make sure these are put in your calendar and work around them (i.e., schedule them first)

    3. Ask yourself if you really need to attend that meeting

    Does the meeting have an agenda? Clear focus? The right participants? If not, ask yourself if it is worth attending

    4. Eat that frog

    Not only is it good advice to tackle the hardest thing first thing in the morning, but a good thing to tackle the hardest thing for the week on Monday

    5. Have a running task list

    Note all the tasks you have to complete over the week - a good way to keep yourself on track and that way you're not thinking about what to do if you have spare time

    6. For any 'bigger' tasks, book time in the calendar

    After you've booked personal commitments and important meetings, find ways to block time off in your calendar for bigger tasks. Smaller tasks that don't require a lot of time can be done when you have the time (in between meetings, cancelled meetings, meetings that end early)

    7. Look ahead to the following week

    Sometimes, we get so caught up in this week's tasks that we fail to look ahead to the next week. I hate learning about something I have to do by Monday on Friday of the previous week.

    8. Prepare

    I find that if I get off to a good start on Monday, it gives me the momentum to a better week. The way I do that is to prepare as much as I can to make Monday productive

    9. Connect with your team

    If you have a team helping you with tasks, connect with them early to set expectations and to make sure they're comfortable with the work load

    10. Ignore emails (at least on Monday mornings)

    Sometimes i get a dump of email from the weekend. I triage these right away but I don't look at them first thing on Monday morning, otherwise I get pulled into emails and that's not the way I want to start.

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