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10 things to do this weekend while dog sitting

I have no money this weekend and I am dog sitting for my friend. I am using this weekend as a retreat of sorts. Here are 10 things I can do.

    1. Take some cute photos of me with her doggo

    I can start my profile on Rover and get more weekend dog sitting gigs.

    2. Think of 10 premium post ideas for $2.

    Only things I really want to talk about but make them look more exciting. Maybe other people will like them too. Post them. Write them this weekend and post them. I think we need some momentum going on this $2 premium idea list. I think it's a fantastic idea!

    3. Read books

    I have two books I am really liking right now. I need to read them. I can get a pot of tea at my favorite tea place and read my books

    4. Go on long walks

    I can't take the pup because its about the size of my shoe and can't walk long. I can go on my own long walks in a different neighborhood.

    5. Find more ways to make money online

    I currently have 5 sources. They don't bring much money at all but I am really not spending that much time on them. I want 10.

    6. Surrender. Like REALLY surrender.

    Just do things I like doing.

    7. Do 10 experiments and write about them

    My favorite thing is experimenting. I need to think of 10 things to do. 5 for my introverted side and 5 for my extroverted side. I like this a lot.

    8. Stay up past midnight on Friday and get really creative

    I don't know how. It's hard to stay up late on a day I worked. I can do it. I will make a gift for my friend, her daughter and her son out of things I find in the kitchen. They would LOVE IT.

    9. Spend only money I made in tips.

    I haven't collected my tips from last weekend. I will collect them and only spend those.. probably on food.

    10. Sunday Tarot Day

    I made a tarot prompt book. I will follow the prompt I made for each card. I will pick a card every hour.

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