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10 things to do to be more productive

    1. Templatize your email

    Do you send out emails or messages with the same structure each time? Or write blog articles / posts with a similar structure? Templatize them so that you make it easier on yourself the next time. Copy the email, highlight what needs to be changed, and then save it somewhere so you can access it. The next time you need to send an email, copy paste the template, change the highlights, do a quick read and then send out.

    2. Focus on the things you need to do

    The wrong way to think about productivity is to try to cram more into your already busy schedule. Even if you can get through your emails in half the time, if you're using the time you saved to do more stuff, you're not 'saving' any time.

    3. Defer, delegate or delete

    all things that you don't need to do yourself

    4. Focus on the important but not urgent

    Those are the things that are most important in your life: exercise, family, ideas for your business

    5. Realize you can't do it all

    Even though you have the time to do anything you want, you don't have the time to do everything you want, and that's okay

    6. Burn your bridges

    One of my coworkers used to not attend meetings he was invited to. You can try doing that with emails too. Just delete all of them from your inbox.

    7. Hire a virtual assistant

    If you make $100 / hr and you can get help from an assistant at $25/hr, do it. And then use the saved time to focus on $100/hr activities.

    8. Love and hate lists

    Every year, create a list of things you love to do and things you hate doing. Do more of what you love. Do less of what you hate.

    9. Don't make it perfect

    Sometimes, we have it in our heads that we need something perfect so we spend an inordinate amount of time on it. Don't spend 100 hours to get something to 99% when you can spend 20 hours to get it to 80% and still get by

    10. Recognize your energy levels

    Rest, but also recognize when your energy levels match the activities you want to do.

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