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10 things to do when alone on a holiday

This has become a thing the past 5 years. Alone on major holidays. I am either in a different country, pandemic or just not in a relationship.

    1. Work

    Making money keeps your mind off of it

    2. Binge watch tv

    I have been doing this.

    3. Walk around walmart

    No one is at Walmart on Easter morning. Right? It's better than walking in a neighborhood watching Easter egg hunts

    4. Sleep

    Catch up on sleep

    5. Go to a movie

    There aren't any really good movies at movie theaters anymore.

    6. Make a list of 100 things your grateful for

    100 things keeps your mind busy on good things

    7. Create a small challenge

    Like try and walk/ run a marathon on the treadmill in one day. Ooh this sounds fun.

    8. Make a list like this

    It's totally helping

    9. Plan an extravagant meal

    Go out and buy all the things you really enjoy eating! One year for Christmas I made myself Alaskan king crab legs and sweet potatoes. With apple pie.

    10. Work on that book.

    Throw yourself into something you love thinking about! I am feeling really good about today!!

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