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10 Things To Do When Your Back is Against the Wall & You Need $500/$1000/ Rent money

    1. House Shed

    Check your shed. Sell your lawn mower on FB Marketplace. Or rent it out to a neighbor/ someone in your community. Post on local FB community groups.

    2. Sell gasoline

    Sell any leftover gas in your lawnmower gas can. At $5 a gallon there might be another $25 there. Sell on local FB community sites. Make the listing funny to get a lot of comments/attention.

    3. Sell / Rent a Spare Car

    If you have an extra car that you don’t drive, sell that bad boy. Or rent it out on one of the platforms or to someone local (use social media to get word out.)

    4. Netflix Arbitrage

    Rent out your Netflix account access to 5-10 people. Get paid upfront for the whole year by them. Charge them each $50 for the year. There’s $250-500 right there

    5. Doordash/ GrubHub

    Deliver food & hustle while you are doing it. Post on social media while you are delivering.

    6. Instacart/ Your own personal grocery shopping service

    Sign up to do grocery shopping for Instacart. Or offer your own shopping service to your neighbors & friends on social

    7. Handyman services

    Offer to perform any of the maintenance services that your landlord needs done at your apartment complex. Or tasks that neighbors may need if you live in a house.

    8. Make offers to local businesses

    Make a list of every business you see on a daily basis. Begin thinking of services that you can offer to them. Make these offers for help.

    9. Go to your garage

    Check your garage for anything you can sell… bikes, tools, yard accessories, decorations… you name it. List it!

    10. Use email / social media

    Email everyone on your email contact list and suggest ideas that you can help them with. Text everyone in your contact list. Reach out to folks on social media to see if you can do digital or physical work for them.

    11. Car Detailing

    Offer a car detailing service where you come to someone’s house or their place of employment and offer to clean their car while they work.

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